Pastors Brian and Sharon Webber are born and bred Tasmanians, growing up on the North West Coast. In 2007, they moved their family to Devonport to plant this church. Since then they’ve seen God move across this city, as lives have come to Christ, people have been baptised, miracles have unfolded, and Christ has been glorified.

They have a genuine love for the people of this region and want to see people living their best life. Brian and Sharon, along with their children, are actively involved in this community through Devonport Chaplaincy and in their local schools. Together they have been building a healthy growing church for over 13 years and are excited for the future ahead.

C3 Church Devonport is part of C3 Church Global, a worldwide Pentecostal Church movement with over 500 churches in 64 countries. Founders, Ps. Phil and Chris Pringle, set out from New Zealand in 1980 with a dream of starting a contemporary, relevant, and anointed church. Starting from scratch, just 12 people attended the very first service on Easter Sunday at Dee Why Surf Club, but with that service, C3 Church was birthed. Phil and Chris have a vision of creating a contemporary church with vibrant music and relevant messages. This church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting other churches within Sydney, and beyond, to cities and countries outside of Australia.

To find out more about our movement, visit the C3 Church Global website.

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What We Do

What we believe.

The building of a healthy, growing Church that sees lives transformed.
Make healthy disciples who reflect Jesus Christ
Love God, Love People, Love Serving.