What is Vision Builders?

Vision Builders is the annual campaign of C3 Church Devonport which serves as the opportunity for individuals and families to contribute through giving in a way that is about ensuring we are good stewards and wise investors of this gift that has been given to us by God.

This generous giving enables the maintenance and development of the gift we have been given of a home in the city of Devonport.

If this is the first time you are considering giving - we ask that you prayerfully consider what you might be able to bring.

His Kingdom Come

This year our Vision Builders 2023/24 theme is "His Kingdom Come" which in line with our vision means we want to see God move and His will be done in the lives of those who call C3 Church Devonport home, those yet to come, and bless the wider community of Devonport.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Matthew 6:33

Vision Builders 2023/24 Booklet

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Current Plans

We have 3 major projects that we are committed to:

Kitchen Facilities
Upgrade of the kitchen facilities to 
continue to outwork the desire of 
being hospitable and to aid the 
multi-purpose use of the site

TIMELINE: Within the Next 12 Months
Installation of a new fence surrounding the property as a way of keeping 
our children safe and our families 
feeling relaxed while on site 

TIMELINE: Happening Now
Building Upgrades
To continue to maintain and upgrade 
the facilities, particularly the exterior 
of the building e.g. the paint around 
the windows


Future Plans

We have future projects that we are committed to:

Archer Street car park resurfacing
The rear car park is not in good condition, the plan is to re-bitumen this area to make it safer for our elderly and famlies.

TIMELINE: next 12-18 months
Eliminating (reducing) the loan
To make a further significant impact on the loan for this property in light of the consistent interest rate rises.
TIMELINE: Next 12 months

From the pastors of C3 Devonport


We have been involved in building funds for over 20 years.  

Okay – so an opportunity opened up for you both in 2003 – tell us about that …  We built on a block that we had purchased in 2003 - Sparra believed God woke him in the night and told him to purchase at the time - value of this property has now increased over 10 fold. This property already had 3 units on it which have not been vacant for more than 12 months total in the nearly 20 years we have been the landlords.  

In 2010 we built a new home, something we never had any intention of doing, but which came about during planning to renovate the home we had been living in for 34 years. The planning for this new home was during a global recession (2008-9) and at the time we were approaching our 60’s and we owned the home we were living in - we felt it was a God thing to do not just a nice idea.   

Jeremiah 17:7-8 and Psalm 121:8 were significant scriptures for me at this time.  Jeremiah talks about not being anxious in a time of drought and Psalm 121 says that God will watch over your coming and going in everything that you do.  We knew that finances would be tight for a while as we had previously owned our home and now we had a mortgage again. The decision was to go ahead if everything required was successful and at worst scenario down the track we might have to sell. We maintained our level of tithing and giving to building funds during his time.  Little did we know at the time that Sparra was to be the beneficiary of an inheritance from a much loved Uncle - this happened in 2014.

This allowed me to "retire" from full time work at the end of the following year (2015) and for us to continue to live in our new home which still brings blessing to us every day.  We have maintained our level of tithing and increased our giving to the building fund since then. 

- Rhonda and Sparra

We give into Vision Builders because we are 100% committed to embracing the vision of C3 Devonport “to build a healthy growing church.” We believe there are advantages in having a permanent space to call home. We love that Vision Builders is something that we get to do side by side with the C3 family, unified in one purpose, to build His church! We see our sacrificial giving as an investment in the future of our C3 family and the future of the generations yet to come.

– Ron and Deb

We started Vision Builders 4 years ago, after two months of coming to C3 Devonport. We knew that sowing into a prophetic vision would bring God’s provision to meet our commitment, but more than that we believed in the vision of C3 Church. Each year we increased our Vision Builders to stretch our faith and remarkably my income has increased each year and Meghan’s new business has thrived; along with our increased giving.

– David and Meghan

Over the years I, (Brian) have been challenged in my attitude to giving back to God. One of the most powerful experiences I have had in that area is related to our pharmacy business.

In 2010 we opened a new pharmacy from scratch. Such a venture involves borrowing a huge amount of finance, to the extent that everything we owned was tied to the business. Things did not go as planned, and by early 2012 we were facing the very real prospect of bankruptcy, in fact we came within 24 hours of losing everything (materially). In the months leading up to that fateful day, despite earning no income, I really felt God challenge me to tithe as though I was earning a full salary. With Fiona’s support that was what we did.

This was an extremely difficult time financially, but we learned to simply trust God, whatever the outcome may be. I vividly remember the final creditor’s meeting, and being at complete peace.

We were given a reprieve of 6 months by our creditors. The VERY next day, the pharmacy sales jumped by 50%, and just kept on growing and growing. There has been no logical explanation from this, apart from the hand of God. Praise him!!

Believe me, we now give with joy, knowing that He is faithful.

The history of vision builders

For those yet to come

2016 Theme

Over the past 5 years we’ve discovered the power of creating pathways into church through a series of events in succession. Easter and Christmas and its surrounding events are a great example of how this has worked. These events have allowed us to see well over 100 visitors on site at times, resulting in greater awareness of C3 Church Devonport, people giving their life to Christ and new families joining the church.

Being connected with The Big Big House has provided us with the opportunity to positively connect with mums in our community, resulting in contributing to the needs of others. The goal of mums connect is to create a bridge into the church for mums of young children in a way that first meets their needs for social connection, community, and ultimately creates a safe space for them to consider and explore their relationship with Jesus, no matter where they are in the faith journey.

There he built an altar

2017 Theme

Since being on this site we have had up to 3 interns at any time training together – now with 10 having been trainedInterns give a year of their life devoted to a disciplined study of the Word and serving in their gifting areas to contribute towards the vision of the church, and obtaining a nationally recognised Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology on completion.   This placing their life on the altar has seen a variety of lives transformed, their own plus the lives of many they find themselves serving and ministering to.

The Internship is a transformation. The year of focus solely on God has resulted in greater confidence, knowledge, and faith in every aspect of my life. Not only that, but it is has completely transformed my thinking and how I view the world. My problems are not too big for God, my purpose is discovered, along with my callings, and my passion for God has been stoked to burn stronger. My faith is filled, and it leads me on a life full of blessings as I trust in a God who is bigger than I can imagine, as I seek His will and heart.

Taking ground

2018 Theme

As a result of the training and development of interns and new people joining the church, we are positioned to begin to take NEW ground. In February of 2019 Ps Brian and Sharon and Chris and Antonia received a word from Ps. Phil Pringle giving us a prophetical directive about seeing Burnie as the next place to plant a church. This has been enhanced by a growing number of people from the Burnie area joining the church and showing interest. Therefore in consultation with our C3 Regional Overseers (Pastors Shaun and Mirella White) and C3 Wynyard (Pastors Geoff and Fiona Cooper) plans are being put in place for the taking NEW ground in the Burnie area.

Throughout all generations

2019 Theme

One of our great values is our “family feel”, and there is a wide variety of age groups represented at C3 Church Devonport.  This value is so well displayed by the amount of people part of our connect groups – it’s an incredible outworking of our vision to grow healthy disciples. In a recent church consult, Ps. John Finkelde of Grow a Healthy Church stated that this church has one of the healthiest levels of sign-ups to connect groups (over 75%of any church he has worked with.

Set Apart

2020 Theme

2020 saw the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, something that has changed so many lives – some forever. I believe due to the inability to meet it has highlighted the importance, the “why” of coming together and therefore the need to have a space that is “set apart” for His kingdom purposes. The power of worship together to replenish a soul – the power of belonging to contribute to mental health – the power of community to overall well-being.


2021 Theme

Wow.......God has favoured us!

We have a home.......and not just any home... God has led us as we have sought after Him, followed His ways, to being in the right place at the right time that has enabled us to purchase a significant piece of history in this community of Devonport - to resue an old church back to ''His kingdom purposes.''

God has favoured us.


2022 Theme

To be good stewards of the gift given to us through His faithfullness. The vision is “the building of a healthy growing church which sees lives transformed and Jesus Christ glorified.” A building is not the vision but we believe it is an important vehicle to serve the purpose of the gathering of the church.

How do I become a giving partner with Vision Builders?

Our vision is that all would be involved in giving to Vision Builders (over and above their tithes) to see His Kingdom Purposes fulfilled at C3 Church Devonport. The philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice, not equal giving – and no amount is insignificant. Therefore we recommend the following:

#1 Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you and your family, based on faith and wisdom.

#2 Plan and write down how you will fulfill your pledge through either a one off amount, a first fruits deposit plus regular (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) amounts, or a commitment to regular amounts.

Experience shows that a “First Fruits” (deposit) commencing sum then regular monthly giving is the best way of fulfilling commitments. You can also set up recurring giving through direct deposit for the sake of convenience. 

#3 Once you’ve decided on your level of giving, you can make a formal commitment by clicking the PLEDGE button below or completing a commitment card at our in-person Sunday service. If your choice is a one off offering you could aslo use the GIVE button (please note charges will be applied by tithe.ly through this means - we recommend using the direct deposit details).


Name of Account: C3 Church Devonport
BSB & Account Number: 067-000 11036903
Reference: Your full name and “Pledge” or “Vision Builders”

Make A Pledge

Q & A

Here are some answers to common questions.

The purpose of giving to Vision Builders is to fufil the financial commitments of the mortgage payments and to provide for current and future capital works. Donations received as tithes and offerings are used to cover the general costs of running the church, as well as funding our various ministries.

There is no pressure for anyone to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. New people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who finds that our vision resonates with them.

We recommend that you keep your own records, but you’ll also receive quarterly statements showing your giving progress. To ensure this process happens smoothly, we ask that you reference your full name when making contributions.

The easiest way to give to Vision Builders is via direct deposit using the relevant Vision Builders bank details. You can also give by cash, credit card, or cheque at our Sunday services, using the Vision Builders option on our giving envelopes or through Tithe.ly. Regardless of which method you choose to give, make sure to always reference your full name so that it can be allocated to your pledge.

We understand that sometimes things happen and for whatever reason people find difficulty in fulfilling their pledge within the time frame. So if you’ve not yet fulfilled last year’s pledge, and still plan to do so, you can choose to roll over the commitment into the following year. If your circumstances have changed and you’d like to discuss your commitment with us, please contact us.

If you are giving a one-off payment you may remain anonymous if you wish to. If you are committing to a long-term pledge and would like to receive quarterly statements, we will need your details in order to ensure your payments are correctly allocated – however, all information is kept strictly confidential.

Partnering together

C3 Devonport has a commitment to be generous where possible and therefore have partnered with the following organisations who's values lie with our own. Click on the links below to find out more about each partner.